Elder Law & Eldercare

As we age, facing the complexities of elder law becomes increasingly important. At Salines-Mondello Law Firm, we understand the unique challenges that seniors and their families go through. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive legal services tailored to the needs of the elderly. Whether you're planning for the future or addressing immediate concerns, we are here to help.

Preservation of Assets

Ensuring that your assets are protected and managed effectively is a key aspect of elder law. Our services include probate, estate, and trust administration, as well as estate planning. We assist with creating or amending durable powers of attorney and wills, ensuring your wishes are honored. If you encounter will contests or other litigation, our attorneys are ready to advocate for you.

Disability, Incompetency, and Long-Term Care Planning

Planning for potential disability or long-term care is crucial. We help establish or maintain guardianship, plan for Medicaid, and undergo nursing home planning. Our goal is to secure the best possible care and support for you or your loved ones while protecting your financial interests.

Veteran Benefits Planning

If you are a veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran, it's essential to understand the benefits available to you. Our attorneys can guide you through the process of qualifying for and coordinating these benefits, ensuring you receive the support you deserve.

Elder Abuse and Fraud Prevention

Elder abuse and fraud are serious concerns. Whether you are a caretaker or an elderly individual, we offer legal services to prevent and combat abuse and fraud. Our attorneys are committed to protecting your rights and ensuring your safety.

Common Questions About Elder Law

What Does an Elder Law Attorney do?

An elder law attorney services people of all ages, from birth to death and beyond, with a focus on legal issues that affect seniors and their families. These include estate planning, guardianship, assisted living, and advance directives. Our attorneys guide families through these processes, ensuring that seniors' rights and wishes are respected and upheld.

Should I Hire an Elder Law Attorney?

If you are facing challenges related to aging, such as creating a will, understanding nursing home rights, or appointing a legal guardian, an elder law attorney can provide valuable assistance. Our attorneys are experienced in these areas, offering professional guidance and support.

What Does Elder Law Mean?

Elder law encompasses legal issues that specifically impact the elderly. It includes estate planning, long-term care, guardianship, and more. Our goal is to help seniors secure their financial health and maintain autonomy in their later years.

Are Elder Care Attorneys Worth It?

Hiring an elder care attorney can help you understand the complexities of elder law. Minor errors in legal documents can have significant consequences, and our attorneys ensure that your plans are clear and compelling. We also provide representation in cases of abuse, fraud, or other legal matters requiring advocacy.

What Questions Should I Ask an Elder Law Attorney?

When consulting with an elder law attorney, consider asking about the most important planning documents you need, your financial security, and whether your existing documents will achieve your desired outcomes. Tailoring these questions to your specific situation can provide clarity and direction.

Contact an Elder Law Attorney at Salines Mondello Law Firm

The attorneys at Salines-Mondello Law Firm, PC, have been assisting clients with elder law issues for over two decades. We are dedicated to helping you qualify for Medicaid, protect your assets, plan for long-term care, obtain VA benefits, and defend your rights through litigation if necessary. Our compassionate legal counsel is tailored to your unique situation.

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