Trustee Handbook

Will your loved ones know what to do when you are gone? If you’re like many individuals in America, you probably answered no. This is why Salines-Mondello Law Firm offers a comprehensive Trustee Handbook to those wondering about their or their loved ones’ roles as Trustees.

When you leave the care of your estate in the hands of a Trustee, you’re giving them power over your assets, property, and loved ones. Thus, it is imperative to fully understand the role of a Trustee and prepare them to…

  • Determine the duties owed to your beneficiaries
  • Properly carry out those duties
  • Work together with your beneficiaries to avoid conflict
  • Resolve any disputes that do happen
  • Prove their authority to act
  • Access your funds immediately
  • Deal with overdue bills, audits, and creditors
  • And much, much more

All of this is covered in our guide to being a Trustee, written by our qualified estate planning lawyers for your – and your family’s – benefit. Our handbook is ideal for those looking into designating Trustees for their estate, Trustees who will inherit their duties when their loved one passes away, and those who are new to being a Trustee after the death of a loved one.

Many of our clients have found this handbook essential to their estate planning preparation, including:

  • Spouses who are/who are designating their significant other as Trustee
  • Children or grandchildren who were designated as Successor Trustees or Trustees
  • Relatives or friends who have been designated as Trustee and must act in the best interest of a loved one

The first step in any estate planning process is understanding the implications of your decisions. When you need information about Trustees and Successor Trustees, you can turn to our Trustee Handbook for on-demand, professional legal counsel and information. To request your copy of the Trustee Handbook today, contact the offices of Salines-Mondello Law Firm at (910) 777-5734.