Medicaid Crisis Planning

Pre-planning options are available for Medicaid and long-term care, but sometimes change strikes without warning. Whether you or a loved one is hurt in an accident or experiences a sudden illness, finding and affording quality care can be difficult and complex. This is where Medicaid comes in—and a qualified Medicaid crisis planning lawyer.

There are many complicated rules to the process of Medicaid, and the cost of long-term care makes your Medicaid crisis planning even more vital to your wellbeing. Just a few of the challenges you might find while applying for Medicaid include:

  • Expenses. The annual cost of care is expected to double in the next 20 years, increasing from $73,000 to $131,800. Thus, paying for a nursing home without Medicaid is already very difficult and could become nearly impossible.
  • Requirements. The requirements for Medicaid contribute to the difficulty in attaining it. Each state specifies a maximum allowed income for individuals and couples to qualify for Medicaid, and “non-exempt” assets—as well as many other factors—must be defined and considered as well. To avoid benefit denial or imposed penalties, navigating Medicaid rules and regulations and protecting assets requires the assistance of an experienced and qualified attorney.
  • The Medicaid Maze. The actual process of applying for Medicaid and all the paperwork required, especially in a time of crisis, can be a lengthy, harrowing, and frustrating experience. With calculations abound and certain nuances that affect different families, it’s difficult to navigate this maze alone.

Fortunately, you don’t have to face Medicaid crisis planning by yourself. The attorneys at Salines-Mondello Law Firm, PC can help guide you through this process, as well as provide an extensive network of professionals who can assist you in determining your financial state and qualifications. We have succeeded in a number of Medicaid crisis cases and use every tool at our disposal to ensure you and your family are protected when tragedy hits.

To begin working with a Medicaid crisis planning attorney in North Carolina today, simply give our office a call at (910) 777-5734 and schedule your first, fully confidential consultation.