What is Guardianship?

When a court determines that someone cannot manage their finances or their healthcare, the court can appoint a guardian to make decisions and act on that person’s behalf. A guardian…

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Do You Need a Special Needs Trust for Your Child in North Carolina?

Parenting a special needs child comes with an extra share of care and responsibilities, one of which concerns your child’s future. It is essential to ensure that your child enjoys…

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Should I Include Digital Assets in My Estate Plan?

When updating your estate plan, it’s important to include digital assets that someone may need access to when you pass away. We live in a digital world where passwords, accounts,…

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How Taxes Affect the Estate Planning Process

Two things are promised in life: death and taxes. So when death occurs, you can be sure that taxes follow suit. The amount of taxation depends on the amount of…

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Six Important Documents to Include in Your Estate Plan

Your estate plan should include six critical components. While most people think an estate plan only affects financial matters, three of the six essential documents involve medical issues rather than…

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New Year Estate Planning – What Documents Do You Need in North Carolina?

Now that the holidays have passed and it’s time to take down the decorations, it might be a good time to update your estate planning portfolio and determine what documents…

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Why You Need a Durable Power of Attorney

An injury or health condition can render you unable to communicate your healthcare wishes or take care of your financial affairs. When this happens, you need someone who can direct…

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Three Estate Planning Factors to Ponder Before 2022

The current economic and political climate points to tax changes that could affect your estate planning strategy. Recognizing these factors can help you make the right decisions in protecting your…

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Will vs. Living Trust: Which One Should I Choose?

Estate planning is about protecting your loved ones and executing your wishes after you die. Many people assume the best way to do this is through a will. However, a…

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