Can a Will Help You Avoid Probate?

People often assume that having a will is enough to keep their estate from going through the probate process after their death. What is Probate? In a nutshell, probate is…

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Healthcare Decision Making As Part Of Your Estate Plan

When you think of estate planning, a trust or will may come to mind. While these are important parts of any estate plan, many people overlook the equal importance of…

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What Happens if I Don’t Have a Will or Trust?

Most people have heard it is in their interest to establish a will and/or trust.  These important legal documents set the stage for your loved ones to receive the money,…

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How to Hold an Estate Planning “Fire Drill”

Just like fire drills in elementary school let students know what to do in the event of a fire, an estate planning “fire drill” helps your family know what to…

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What is Typically Included in an Estate Plan? 

An estate plan is the plan you make ahead of time for how you want your property and assets protected, and distributed, when you pass away. It can also provide for…

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