Elder Law

Legal issues don’t always decrease with age, especially when you’re trying to protect your future. Seniors face complex legal concerns that are different from what they faced when they were younger, and even caretakers to the elderly may have to make difficult legal decisions.

This makes it essential to work with a qualified elder law attorney when dealing with senior legal matters. Such matters may include:

  • Preservation of Assets. This includes probate, estate, and trust administration, as well as estate planning services such as Durable Powers of Attorney and Wills. You may also have to face will contests or other litigation.
  • Disability, Incompetency, and Long-Term Care Planning. This may include guardianship, Medicaid, nursing home planning, and more.
  • Veteran Benefits Planning. If you are a veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran, you may be entitled to certain benefits.
  • Elder Abuse and Fraud. Caretakers and elderly alike can take advantage of legal services to prevent or combat abuse and fraud.

The attorneys at Salines-Mondello Law Firm, PC have been helping individuals face elder or “grey” law issues for over two decades. We are fully equipped to help you qualify for Medicaid, protect your assets, plan your living accommodations in the case of incompetency, achieve VA benefits, and defend your rights through litigation if needed. We provide compassionate legal counsel to advise you on your unique legal situation.

More info can be found at https://nelf.org/page/NELFFactSheet.

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