Elder Law & Eldercare

Seniors face complex legal concerns that are different from what they faced when they were younger, and even caretakers to the elderly may have to make difficult legal decisions.

This makes it essential to work with a qualified elder law attorney when dealing with senior legal matters. Such matters may include:

  • Preservation of Assets. This includes probate, estate, and trust administration, as well as estate planning services such as creating or amending durable powers of attorney and wills. You may also have to face will contests or other litigation.
  • Disability, Incompetency, and Long-Term Care Planning. This may include establishing or maintaining guardianship, planning for Medicaid, nursing home planning, and more.
  • Veteran Benefits Planning. If you are a veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran, you should understand how to coordinate and take advantage of certain benefits.
  • Elder Abuse and Fraud. Caretakers and the elderly alike can take advantage of legal services to prevent or combat abuse and fraud.

Legal issues related to seniors often leave families with a number of questions because the challenges that arise as people age are different and more specialized than what many people feel equipped to handle. Some of the most common questions that arise include:

What does an elder law attorney do?

An elder law attorney is a legal professional who focuses on advocating for seniors and their families. Older individuals begin to face challenges that their younger family members and friends may not have had to contend with yet, such as wills and estate planning, guardianship, assisted living facilities, and advance directives. These are just a few of the many considerations that an older person or their family must keep in mind.

An elder law attorney assists parties with resolving a variety of  issues. Sometimes, that means guiding the family through the creation of a will or explaining a patient’s rights under Medicare. Other times, it means serving as the family’s representation in the process of managing estate planning, gift taxes, and durable financial powers of attorney. Elder law attorneys work in a wide range of competencies depending upon their clients’ needs.

Should I hire an elder law attorney?

If you are currently experiencing hardship or confusion in preparing a family member for financial wellness and autonomy as they age, an elder law attorney can help. Whether the method of creating a viable will is posing an issue or you need guidance about a loved one’s rights in a nursing home or the appointment of a legal guardian or power of attorney, a legal professional specializing in elder law is the best resource for these scenarios and many more.

What does elder law mean?

Elder law refers to a specific area of the legal field that focuses on tackling issues that affect the aging population. Elder law is meant to help individuals and families to secure their financial health and a successfully autonomous life in their later years by offering preparatory guidance, assisting with critical paperwork, and advocating for an individual’s rights.

Are elder care attorneys worth it?

Many people attempt to navigate the process of creating a will, preparing advance directives, or making other important decisions and preparations on their own. However, seemingly miniscule choices in wording or content could have significant unintended consequences in many areas of elder law. This is why hiring an elder law attorney can help ensure that an individual’s wishes and needs during their senior years are respected and executed as intended. Moreover, if your loved one has been the victim of abuse, fraud, or another matter that requires legal representation, elder law attorneys can advocate on their behalf.

What questions should I ask an elder law attorney?

An elder law attorney can typically assist with a wide range of issues related to aging, which means they are a valuable resource for answers to many different questions. In general, you may benefit most from asking questions specifically related to your situation: what are the most important planning documents I need? Is my financial security in question, and what can I do to reduce my risk? Are my existing documents crafted in a manner that will achieve the results I want?


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